We come from the land of Los Altos de Jalisco, a privileged land where the best tequilas are

In Gran Sociedad, nothing has been left to chance.

Each part, each step, and each element has been carefully developed and directed.

We are from Mexico, a country made up of ancestral and contemporary cultures.
Where the roots of each culture enrich our essence, allowing us to share what we are.

A new society open to discovering new things while recognizing its roots, where the connection
with nature, and enjoying each moment, makes our life richer.

We are a tequila that unites, that fosters the richness of every moment we share with the
special people in our lives.

The elaboration of Gran Sociedad respects the natural processes inherited by
generations, allowing mother nature to give the final touch.

Gran Sociedad Master Distiller

At the Gran Sociedad Distillery women make up more than 60% of the Gran Sociedad team.

Yadira Hernández, our Master Distiller, is a chemical engineer who came to Gran Sociedad to create a product with the utmost care in every detail; body, color, aromas, flavors, and sensations.

With 6 years of constant development in the Tequila industry, starting in a small family Tequilera in Arandas Jalisco, Yadira is able to modify the processes to reach profiles with different organoleptic characteristics. An incredible sensoriality has allowed her to create the unique profile of Gran Sociedad.