In Gran Sociedad, nothing has been left to chance. Each part, each step, and each element has been carefully developed and directed by the most talented personalities. 

From our master distiller Yadira Hernández, and the passion of the founders, in a process carried out step by step, from the sowing of the Agave to its journey to become a fine spirituous liquid, to the creation of the brand in which great artists such as the famous singer Manuel Mijares, the film director Pablo Aura and the renowned photographer Ignacio Urquiza have participated, along with the most recognized designers, musicians, photographers, and artists. 

We wanted everything to have a meaning and a purpose, that everything in our tequila be true, honest, and tangible. 

Gran Sociedad Master Distiller

At the Gran Sociedad Distillery, it is common to see women leading the teams, making the most important decisions and, above all, offering the richness of their senses to detect the most subtle aromas and flavors of Tequila. Women make up more than 60% of the Gran Sociedad team. 

Yadira Hernández, Master Distiller of Gran Sociedad, is a chemical engineer whose sensoriality has led her in just a few years to create new profiles of Tequilas for various brands, until she came to Gran Sociedad with the task of creating a product with the utmost care in every detail; body, color, aromas, flavors, and sensations. 

With 6 years of constant development in the Tequila industry, starting in a small family Tequilera in Arandas Jalisco, in the quality area where she was able to learn from each step of the process and from all areas, and where she developed to quickly reach the production area, and it was there, where she began to contribute to the development of new profiles, it was where her taste for creating new flavors awoke, having the freedom to modify the processes to reach profiles with different organoleptic characteristics, showing an incredible sensoriality that has allowed her to create the profile of Gran Sociedad, observing and taking care of all the tangible and intangible details of the process.