Share The Richness of Mexican Culture With The World

In Mexico, the land of Tequila, a country where 32 different cultures converge whose richness never ceases to amaze us. Ancestral techniques have been inherited from generation to generation and continue today, by expressing and enriching themselves. 


Just as Tequila Gran Sociedad owes its wealth to each generation that has received the legacy and has taken it to its maximum expression, granting us an exceptional Tequila to offer to the world, we have decided to bring the cultural and artisanal wealth of Mexico and return it, through special editions which also provide benefits to the communities that are dedicated to developing it, so that they can continue to preserve and enhance their legacy.

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Chef Nico Mejia

Mexía Guadalajara

Nathalie Mignot

Pachamama Sayulita

Huichol Artist

Native Art

Norma Lila Rodriguez & Guillermo Rage

Zaha Hadid Architects

Marquesa de Mancera

Furniture Designer